Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Venue 74 - and 75 on the way?

Martin Beard of the REC Theatre and formerly of Nice Venue, Venue 21
Each Fringe venue has a name and a number. The numbers are a convenient shorthand and if people are aware of them then that will probably be because of the reference to venues by number on the Fringe town map. We now have over 70 numbered venues - though not all are 'live'. Venue 21 was Nice Venues at The Clubhouse but that hasn't been used for a couple of years - and is unlikley to be used in that way again. No 21 has been 'retired' though as a matter of respect . No 69 hasn't been used - it might seem more unlucky than 13 - who knows?

Anyway this small Fringe history lesson is a preamble to the exciting confirmation that there is a major new venue - number 74. The Arts Centre Studio isn't new to the people of Buxton - being part of recently opened Pavilion Arts Centre - the old Paxton Suite. Anyway the 93 seat studio space will provide Underground Venues - who are managing it in addition to the Pauper's Pit and the Barrel Room - room to accommodate more shows and will enable them to attract performers who want a slightly bigger working space. It will be a few weeks before bookings are confirmed but as soon as acts are booked the Fringe website will tell you.

Fringe venue 75 may not be far behind. Close reading of the Spring 2011 edition of the free glossy mag Pure Buxton tells us that the new managers - Judy Dyer and Alan Shanks - of the Charles Cotton Hotel, Hartington are looking to put on events if "suitable performers can be found". They have Sunday jazz brunches at the Charles Cotton, so if it something jazz-inflected that Judy and Alan are looking for then violinist Graham Clark would fit the bill. Graham is hot-hot-hot at the moment and playing on Monday nights at the Queen's Head just off Buxton Market Place.

The Fringe picks up some more plugs in Pure Buxton. Zoe Keeling from the shop Muzik is positive about all things Buxton and local ceramic artist Caroline Chouler Tissier name check the Fringe at least four times. We love you Caroline!

Finally - and this is huge - there will be a big show at the Pavilion Arts Centre on Friday, June 10th. Fringe First will showcase performers from the last couple of Fringes and will also see the official launch of the Fringe 2011 programme. Expect the line-up to be finalised shortly - you'll want tickets anyway, obviously.

by Keith Savage - Published 13/02/2011

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