Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Back for 2010

Between one Fringe finishing and the next one starting there is a gap of about 49 weeks. That doesn't mean that nothing happens during those long weeks - but it is a bit tricky trying to sustain high-level excitement for all that time. However Fringe 2010 is now only about 36 weeks off - roughly a human pregnancy - so maybe we can stay excited for all that time. Watch out for the baby shower!

This Blog spent some of the intervening weeks in Sidmouth for the Folk Festival that has been taking place there for over 50 years. Sidmouth has a very small Fringe - with an emphasis on the wacky and the fun. Folk dancing in a ford - to the bewilderment of passing motorists - was a highlight that we're unlikley to surpass in Buxton.

What can we tell you about Buxton Festival Fringe 2010 to whet your appetites? Well Fringe 2010 will coincide with the Buxton Opera Festival - starting on Wednesday, July 7th and running right through to Sunday, July 25th. The Buxton Carnival takes place on Saturday July 17th and the Fringe Sunday picnic-come-party in the Pavilion Gardens will be on the 11th (World Cup Final day - but plenty of time to get home after the party in time for the kick-off between Spain and Brazil). Go ahead and book your leave - if you're lucky enough to have a job - now.

We also expect that the usual main venues will be available for 2010. The Clubhouse - which used to be home to Nice Venues - won't be a Fringe venue again so far as we can tell. This is a shame but things move on - and no doubt it will remain the watering hole of choice when the sun shines. Nice Venues had a successful first season this year in the marquee by Poole's Cavern and are looking to build on that success in 2010.

The other 'managed venue' - that is a place that presents a programme of events whilst managed by a team of producers - is Underground Venues. Next year - 2010 - may well be the last year that the Pauper's Pit and the Barrel Room, in the cellars of the Old Hall Hotel, are part of the Buxton Fringe. Certainly we expect some new venues for 2011. But let's not wish our lives away.

Anyway entrants for 2010 can book in from Saturday, November 7th - and early entry is cheap at £45 and there will be maximum website exposure. No prizes for first entrants but you're guranteed plenty of blog coverage too.

Finally, for now, if you want to attend the Fringe AGM - and see democracy in action as the new committee is elected - then be at the Old Hall on Wednesday, November 11th at 7.30pm sharp! Go to for pages and pages of facts, information but precious little gossip.

by Keith Savage - Published 01/11/2009

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