Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Take your marks...

Priests in the snow - Mario Giacomelli
Just two days to go before Fringe 2011 formally opens for entries. We know that there has been a lot of entrant activity already and we expect an early rush. Apart from the Tattoo - tickets already selling at the Opera House - there could be some good news for traditional jazz fans. Watch this space. (Actually watch the Fringe website - entries will be posted there within hours of their receipt).
Apart from that the only things anyone seems to be talking about right now are the weather and X-Factor. Well it's cold for sure. This week's picture is a favourite snow image from the work of Italian photographer Mario Giacomelli. His work is hard to come by in reproduction and since he's been dead for about 10 years there ain't going to be any more added. With regard to X-Factor expect no intelligent or useful comment here. I care nothing for any of it or anyone in it and only get mildly irritated by the manipulative nature of the whole thing. I heard some students say last week that they admired Simon Cowell because "he is so honest". I rest my case.
Back to things Fringey - the AGM of the charity known as the Buxton Festival Fringe passed almost unnoticed recently. Evidently the usual suspects continue to run things. Given the recent growth and success of the Fringe that may not be a bad thing. In the long-run, however, fresh blood will be needed - unless the Committee can operate successfully from a local care home. So if you read this thing and reckon you could make a positive contribution to the life of the Fringe please get in touch with us.

by Keith Savage - Published 29/11/2010

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