Thursday, 10 May 2012

Glasses half full in Buxton

The baton of Fringe Blogger (or should that be Binge Flogger?) is not an easy one to pass on. Not so much the baton, perhaps, as this particular Blog site which is not always the easiest or most intuitive one you'll ever find. For the time being no pics but just a few words.

In three months time we'll be in the midst of Buxton Fringe and Festival 2012. Tickets for the main Festival are now on public sale and some events are sold out already. We can't know who or what floats your boat but to avoid disappointment check it out soon.

The Fringe now has over 100 entries and 300 performances or events listed. Entries close in less than 2 weeks but it is likely that we'll have a Fringe of similar size to 2010 and 2011 - that is around 150 entries and 600 performances. Whatever gloomy news there may be, The Arts in Buxton are flourishing. This optimism on the part of musicians, actors, writers, artists and performers of all sorts is welcome and exciting.

Mind you the mindset in Buxton is pretty positive right now. Regular visitors will be aware that the architectural jewel and centrepiece of the town - the Crescent - has been closed for the best part of 20 years and umpteen proposals for its development have been aired. Finally contracts have been signed for its development as a Spa Hotel. Work starts soon and completion in 2014 is scheduled.

Whatever you might think about the Olympics - and it is fair to say that reports of unconfined excitement would be premature - the fact is that the Olympic torch will be carried through the streets of just one town in the High Peak - Buxton on June 29th. That will be excuse enough for widespread jollity and the Fringe will be playing its part.

Finally, for now, local traders and businesses in the town have put together a bid for funding through the Portas Project to begin some developments that would help 'rebrand' the town and bring a stonger sense of purpose to town life. Even if the funding bid fails there are grounds for optimism that Buxton will thrive rather than wither. So we look forward to seeing you in Buxton in July confident that you'll find us with our glasses more than half full.

by Keith Savage - Published 09/24/2012

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