Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fringe Sunday Programme - exclusive!

Fringe Sunday is now firmly established as one of Buxton's entertainment highlights for the whole family - and it's free!. Fringe Sunday is on the first Sunday (no surprise there) of every Fringe - so this year's event is just a week away. Join us in the Pavilion Gardens around the Bandstand from 2.00 on 10th July to be entertained by:

On the Bandstand - Local Vocals (Buxton's own community choir); Ed Billingham - a virtuos classical guitarist; Kooky Babooshka - a comic quartet from Manchester; the Belly Dance Flames - crowd-pleasers making a welcome return to Fringe Sunday; Richard Taylor - a guitarist on a Harmony Tour; Perry Huntsman and Hilary Felstead - a popular local folk duo; the Ashrow Theatre Company with extracts from Being Nice a play by Mark Niel who performed on Fringe Sunday in 2010; Glass Ankle a band from Manchester with Japanese influences; Victor Barstool (pictured above) with songs from Flat on my back seeing stars will close the show from the Bandstand.

Elsewhere - in the Gazebo you can see/hear: Birdy Chick Chick doing time travelling comedic nonsense (their words); extracts from physical theatre by Nose2Nose which promises tears and cheers; there will be close-up magic from High Peak Magicians; GC Morgan will performing excerpts from Witzelsucht & Moria a new play.

Finally - and perhaps bravest of all - a number of performers will be promenading around the Gardens looking for an audience and performimng wherever they find one, so look out for: jwpoetry with Our Little Green Book of Children's Verse; little GIANT productions with The Enormous Turnip and Other Stories; High Peak Magicians will be stopping and amazing all around the place; Catfoot Theatre Compnay will be doing bits from their show Cowboy Baby; members of the Arden Theatre cast will be introducing us to their play Gold Flower's Story which retells events from the Chinese revolution. Three of these acts come from the For Families category in the Fringe programme and we're delighted that free entertainment will be so widely available for children and their carers.

Did I say 'finally'? - what was I thinking of! In the children's tent their will be balloon modelling and face painting - two different people, but who is to know, they might change places.
Let's leave the final word with Victor Barstool, who - if he can stay on his feet - will bring the whole thing to what can only be described as an unforgettable climax:

Victor Barstool’s long-running dispute with his girl backing singers goes public when Barstool and his band appear at Buxton bandstand on Fringe Sunday.
The girls Bubble & Squeak are fed up of doing Sha La La’s and Doobie Doos and want stardom themselves.
Victor and the girls will be promoting ‘Flat on My Back and Seeing Stars’ the third successive Buxton Festival Fringe Show for Dolls House productions. It stars Deirdre Costello as Victor’s long suffering girlfriend Wanda K Lutz, backing singers Emma Shanks and Victoria Plum. Music is by Jim Lampard, who also plays sax and Alan Charnley who also plays Victor.
The story of Barstool who claims to have influenced music all time greats including Bowie and Kraftwerk, but struggles with his personal life, is showing at Buxton’s Grove Hotel on Saturday July 23, 8pm.
Last year Alan played Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Karen Carpenter in ‘Come Back To Blackpool Karen Carpenter’ which sold out at the Fringe and transferred very successfully to the Pavilion Arts Theatre.
Deirdre has had a long career in television, film and radio and is best known for her performance in ‘The Fully Monty.’ Jim plays sax locally in the Boogiemen.
Flat on My Back Seeing Stars is a flashback through Victor’s life and features original songs about his battles with paranoia, drink, serial-killer girlfriends, stage fright and fear of nursery rhymes. Tickets are available from the Opera House or by calling 07960 647 814.

by Keith Savage - Published 03/07/2011

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