Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blogrades and Blogradeship

Landscape by Alan Bailey
I thought the Buxton Advertiser had put a shiny new link to this Blog on its website the other day. That being the case I thought I should do some housework in case some new visitors turned up. However the link seems to have gone again - so it's back to dossing around on the sofa.
Before we catch up with any Fringe news - supposing we do - here's a link to a Buxton-themed Blog I came across today. It won't appeal to everyone but we Bloggers need to stick together so in the spirit of Blogradeship (see if we can get this new word into the Oxford dictionary this lifetime) I offer it up:

Anyway Buxton Fringe is temporarily resting with 73 entries for this July - the closing date is just 38 days away, which is considerably sooner than the start of the 2012 Olympics so you won't have to contain your excitement for too much longer.

Day One of the Fringe does feature a strong medal contestant though. And it's not in Buxton either. At The Packhorse Inn, Crowdecote - where they do very decent food - you can see and hear poetry legends Roy Fisher and Ian McMillan. So that's Wednesday, July 6th, 7.30-9.30. Crowdecote is south of Buxton on the A515. You'll probably need a car - and a driver who won't drink.

You've got no excuse for missing an exhibition of painting and photography in Buxton itself. Alan Bailey has been part of the Fringe since the very beginning - and chaired the Fringe Festival for many years. I first met hime about 20 years ago when he sang, accompanied by a pianist, as well as exhibited his watercolours. I don't think Alan would mind my saying that his professional singing days are probably behind him now - but he does have a special birthday this year and is marking it with a new exhibition. He is sharing the space with his photographer daughter Judith Kelly and the exhibition is at 134 Green Lane. Check the programme for dates, hours and contact details.

On the Visual Arts front there are at least two other interesting events going on in Buxton homes. Kate Aimson is leading a textile mosaics workshop. You are invited to be inspired by Kate's design and pattern library, and make your own textile mosaic picture to take home. All materials and equipment provided. Lunch, tea/coffee also included. There are limited places, so for further details and to book, phone Kate on 01298 24897. The workshop will be at 4 Wyatville Avenue on 15-16 July, 10am to 4pm and costs £25.

Not from from Alan Bailery and Judith Kelly you'll find Dawn Featherstone displaying her work. Dawn's work includes prints and paintings with a strong local landscape influence.
13 Ecclesbourne Dr, Buxton. 16-17 July 11am to 4pm.

by Keith Savage - Published 17/03/2011

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