Thursday, 3 May 2012

Purgatory - new coalition hits rocks

Whoops - I thought this said "Purge a Tory". Oh, well - let's go with it anyway.

Purgatory Passengers Press release:
Fresh from his studies under legendary clowning teacher Philippe Gaulier in Paris, and from training with internationally renowned ‘Theatre de Complicite’ Sam Gibbs brings you his latest imaginative extravaganza.

Following the story of 6 unwitting clowns, each one makes a choice that changes one person’s life forever. Taking a journey through one fateful day in an airport, a journey that brings romance, self discovery and potentially a dash of terrorism! It is a day that they will all remember forever.

Through the imaginative and daring direction of Chris Browning Sam moves effortlessly between each character, transforming almost impossibly before the audience eyes. The performance shows the brutal honesty behind real people that is often so funny.
As Autojeu theatre proudly remark, it’s revealing, inventive, exhilarating… like a great curry!

That's their version of it anyway. You'll have to wait until July 15th to judge for yourself when Autojeu open at the Pauper's Pit and give four performances.

by Keith Savage - Published 11/05/2010

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