Thursday, 3 May 2012

Carnival shock - it's orange!

A sneak preview of this year's Fringe carnival float. An orange teapot!

The happy looking geezer on the teapot may give the game away - he's French and this is from a carnival in Normandy last year and so probably we won't be seeing this on the streets of Buxton this year. Shame, I say. So, if that isn't true, then what is?

Well we have some new visitors to the Fringe this year. Playing at the Grove Hotel on four occasions between 14-21 July is the Actas Company. This is what they have to so about themselves ad their play, Shadowplay:
The Actas Company is a small Youth Theatre based near Sevenoaks in Kent, founded by Toni Hassan for students from her Performing Arts Academy who wish to specialise in acting. The Company members are aged between 14 and 17 years old and concentrate on extending their skills with new work, both scripted and improvised. 'Shadowplay' has been devised by the Company over the past few months, GCSEs and A levels not withstanding, and has been performed in two local drama festivals with much success.

The Actas Company has previously appeared twice at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival presenting no less than two World Premieres of new plays by D.B.Folkard, 'Dead Man's Curve Ball 'and 'Generation F'. Both written especially for the Company.

'Shadowplay' explores what happens when a dark past overshadows the future. What haunts us and why? Can lives coloured by distress be made whole again? How is this to happen? Is the Medical profession able or willing to provide an answer? Several young people try to make sense of the baffeling situation they find themselves in. How could it have happened?

Come and see 'Shadowplay' for a thought provoking and intense experience... - the mind unlocks, how will YOU cope?

Also new to Buxton - and all over it like the proverbial rash - is the Hendrick's Horseless Carriage of Curiosities. Better let them explain.
What: The Hendrick’s Horseless Carriage of Curiosities – a converted 19th century rail carriage stuffed full of machines that clink and whirr – is on a summer tour introducing its peculiarities and literary shenanigans to thousands of free-thinking festival-goers.

Author, presenter and salonaire Damian Barr is hosting Peek & Speak sessions, with renowned authors such as Laura Lockington, Ben Crystal and Jessica Ruston revealing unusual stories behind their own treasured curiosities, from South African tortoise shells to Roald Dahl letters. 
On-board carriage ‘stewards’ will inspire visitors to the carriage (and to contribute their own short stories, rhymes of riddles about any of the carriage artefacts in return for complimentary a Hendrick’s & Tonic.
In addition, the fearless 40 Winks duo of David Carter and Rachel Rose Reid are bringing their Bedtime Stories to the carriage at nightfall with a series of pyjama-clad readings.

Why: It was J K Rowling that once said “Always have a vivid imagination, for you never know when you might need it.”
The aim is to develop a catalogue of curious writings, providing an insight into regional eccentricities of the great British public in a never-before tried experiment.
The best entries to the carriage musings will receive an invitation to a VIP dinner aboard the carriage - at night, a series of ingenious pulleys and levers transform the carriage into a grand degu-station with a delectable menu provided by Bompas & Parr.

Where: 8th to 18th July, Pavilion Gardens

Hendrick’s Horseless Carriage – 8th-18th, 12.00 to 19.00hrsBedtime Stories - Fri 16, 20.00hrs (free entry but tickets need to be reserved) Peek & Speak - Sat 10 & Sun 11, 14.00 & 16.00. For more see:!/group.php?gid=62350305595&ref=ts

You might have spotted the bit about the complimentary G&T.

by Keith Savage - Published 17/05/2010

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