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New Kids On The Block

Sadly we've had to say goodbye to some new friends already - we hope they'll all be back next year (we also hope that we'll be here to welcome them). However, in our sadness we should also feel able to look forward to people about to arrive in Buxton. New arrivals may find it hard to believe that we had almost no rain between June 10 - July 6. Carnival Day could be dry though - at least in terms of weather. Anyway, in no particular order let's so 'Hello' to some new shows and performers.
TONGUE IN CHIC ALL STAR SHOWCASE & BRIGHT AND SHINY RADIO SHOW 16 – 18 July, 2010. This sort seem to like bad puns even more all those sheep Fringe punners.
Look out Buxton Fringe, you’re about to be invaded with not one but two shows from the land of the Concrete Cows. OK, perhaps Milton Keynes is not yet famous as a cutting edge of cultural and comedic talent but these two shows are planning to change your mind.
Described by John Hegley as “A very special Poetry Sunday”, Tongue in Chic brings the cream of the scene to the Fringe. Prize-winning poets will bring you humour, passion and much, much more. A changing show each day brings in guest poets: Danni Antagonist, The Antipoet, Jo Bell, Mark Gwynne Jones, Mac McFadden, Gerry Potter and Fay Roberts.
Founder and Host Mark Niel is excited by the prospect of appearing at the Fringe:
“This is our first time on the road and Buxton has a reputation as a friendly Festival so it seemed the perfect place to cut our teeth. We’ll have a different show each night with special guests. It promises to be funny, passionate and exciting.”
Mark is no slouch as a poet himself as a meteoric rise on the Spoken Word circuit has seen him move from Open Mic to Headliner in just a couple of years. This year he has already won Poetry Slams in London, Oxford, Birmingham and at the inaugural Wenlock Poetry Festival. His energetic delivery and genuinely funny poems have earned him stage time with John Hegley, Ava Vidal and Simon Munnery.
He’s keen to give others the same chance he had himself: “Each night, we give members
of the audience a chance to shine. We’ll draw names and the fi rst three poets out of the
hat get three minutes of stage time each. The audience will judge who is our “Lucky Dip
Instant Star” of the night.”
The show lasts an hour from 7.30pm and will be on from 16 to 18 July.
THE BRIGHT AND SHINY RADIO SHOW is a sketch show performed under the guise of a
Radio broadcast. A cast of five brings you original sketches, songs and silliness ranging from environmental-friendly assassins to exploding budgies (a great gag for a radio show!)
David Lovesy, writer and performer is looking forward to the Festival experience:
“It’s given us focus knowing that we had the Fringe as a deadline. We all enjoy writing and performing together and we’ve had a great time putting the show together which we hope comes across.”
The experienced cast has covered a lot of ground between them: everything from Stand Up to
Story-telling and from Musicals to Murder Mysteries is in their background. As much as they
love performing, the writing of the show has been just as pleasing according to another of the cast, Brian Two: “There is something about finding an idea that makes your mates laugh out loud that is very satisfying. We all know each other really well so if we can find an unexpected twist that catches them out, there’s a good chance it will work with an audience”
The Bright and Shiny Radio Show starts at 9pm and will be on from 16 to 18 July.
Cast: Steve Clark, David Lovesy, Mark Niel, Philippa Tipper, Brian Two.

9 to 5 Idiot

Roland Gent is a 40 something office worker, who does the daily grind and doesn’t get the point of anything anymore. He grew up in Chesterfield and these days lives and works in Manchester performing stand up comedy at night. He gets the kids to school, and drives to work in a traffic jam narrowly avoiding running over the chavs and their dangerous dogs.
In the office he engages in a series of stupid arguments with his weird colleagues.
Roland works for a marketing agency; previous advertising campaigns have been for his favourite things, namely pies. With your help, at the end of the show he’ll make up a brand new product, and also show you some of the worst products and ideas in history
Roland does all this just to pay the mortgage; perhaps you do as well? Maybe you’re a 9 to 5 idiot too?
Adult humour, not for children, or the easily offended.

In 2007 his show Best Laid Marketing Plans won a sell out Edinburgh Festival award
In 2008 he directed the sketch show Bullsh*t TV which also won a sell out Edinburgh Festival award
9 to 5 Idiot is going to the Edinburgh Festival this year.

Venue - Underground Venues
Dates & Times – 16th July at 7pm; 19th July at 10pm; 20th July at 10pm (approx 60 mins)

More tomorrow.

by Keith Savage - Published 15/07/2010

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