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September in July

September - a film by Esther May Campbell
As it turned out choosing the winner for the inaugural Buxton short film competiton - Open Shorts - was a straightforward matter. The judges - totally uninfluenced by the prizes and awards already showered on the film - were unanimous in giving the prize to September, directed by Esther May Campbell. It is likely that September cost more than the other 9 selected films put together but you still have to know how to use the money and the resources and Esther May Campbell clearly knows what she is doing. Her film will be shown twice over the Buxton Film weekend - it opens proceedings on Friday July 17th at 6pm and will be shown again on Sunday July 19th at 7.15. September has also won the BAFTA 2009 short film competiton and you can see a video clip of EMC collecting her award. http://www.bafta.org/awards/film/shorts-in-2009,660,BA.html 

A glamorous, glitzy affair it looks too. We'd be more than pleased to see her on Sunday July 26th when she can collect her Buxton Film prize - but £2 Ethel Austin t-shirts will be the dress code then.

There are nine other short films being shown - some made by people working pretty much on their own; in some cases post-production support has been on offer. There are two other prize winners - Best short documentary and Best film by young people. Both of these prizes have been claimed by film makers from the broad Buxton area. Young people at Anthony Gell School, Wirksworth have produced a lively, short documantary about lead-mining in the Peak District which draws on interviews as well as underground footage.The Undertakers is a sort of gothic drama made by young people from the Together Trust in Cheadle. They seemed to have great fun in getting dressed-up and making the film. You'll enjoy them enjoying themselves.

The short films are free to watch - but you are advised to book your tickets since space is limited - go towww.buxtonfilm.org.uk for the full programme details and booking information. Reviews of the 10 shorts will appear in the next week or so. Already reviewed is a tender love-story - Regret - based on a story by Guy de Maupassant and The Real Nutter - which is neither tender, nor a love-story. Filmed near Buxton it may offer a critique of social work practice and social attitudes to disability. Alternatively The Real Nutter may be an excuse for some grown-ups to behave in ways that they wouldn't get away with without the aid of outrageous wigs, masks and hammy acting. Like the makers of The Undertakers fun was had by all.

Finally, for this week, Underground Venues have re-launched their website. The old one was suitably dark and cave-like - the new site is much brighter to look at and searching for shows by date or genre is a breeze. For details of their Fringe 2009 programme and how to book tickets - and for many shows booking will be essential - go to:http://www.undergroundvenues.co.uk

by Keith Savage - Published 14/06/2009

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