Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sooner Rather Than Later

Continuing with our theme of "Watch out - or they'll be gone" - we give notice of some more shows that arrive in Buxton early in the Fringe's first week. Now you can't accuse some people of not blowing their own trumpet. Mind you if you said of yourself "I'm getting better, and my mum says I'm really not bad at all" then you'd get nowhere fast. So if you're looking for a one man Mighty Boosh, a new Eddie Izzard then you need look no further.


Acclaimed actor, writer and comedian Gerry Howell brings his much anticipated new show to the Buxton Fringe. Lending his unique brand of cerebral and surreal humour to a moving tale about an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams, Gerry Howell creates a show that is both joyous and deeply affecting.

“Surreal rambling brilliance … a one-man Mighty Boosh” - Time Out

A struggling writer/private dick gets tragically embroiled in the imaginary world of fiction he creates. Frederick Goodge, alter-ego of stand up comedian Gerry Howell, presents his life story from beyond the grave.

“Often likened to a young Eddie Izzard [Gerry Howell] possesses a wonderfully befuddled stream of consciousness” - The Guardian

Is there more to life than death, can Frederick save the woman he loves before it’s too late and where on Earth did he put his goggles? All these questions and more are posed if not answered in this quizzical and quixotic comedy of inertia, delusion and despair!

“Gloriously inventive” - Chortle

Buxton Fringe Festival Performances: Underground Venues - Barrel Room

Dates: 8, 10, 12 Jul 10pm to 11pm £7 (Child £6, Conc £6)

I'm persuaded and I'll be there for one show or another. But what else to put in my Fringe diary?

Also kicking off on July 8th is J & C. Better let them explain....

Question: What do you get if you cross a bombastic taxman with an elderly  gravedigger?

Answer: An anarchic and hapless stab at philosophical comedy that has one hand on Beckett's shoulder and the other holding Shakespeare's pint. This is theatre that will make you think, laugh and frown.

Candid Theatre are a Manchester based company making their debut at this year’s Buxton Festival Fringe. Candid are spearheaded by playwright and director Ben Aitken. Asked about Candid Theatre’s artistic ethos, Aitken offers: 'Let’s call it benevolent interrogation, mixing fierce curiosity with comic lightness.' J and C was nominated for six-awards at the University of Manchester 2010 Drama Festival.

Venue - Underground Venues, Pauper’s Pit
Dates & Times - 8 Jul 3:30pm, 9 Jul 9:30pm, 10-11 Jul 10:45pm. (approx 60 mins)
You'll also catch snippets at Fringe Sunday - Pavilion Gardens, 2-4.30, 11th July.

by Keith Savage - 05/07/2010

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