Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Up and running - but beware of the ice

Local bit of the Isle of White
There weren't any bets being taken on who or what would be the first entry to Fringe 2011 - at least we're unaware of any such gambling. Too much attention given to Wikileaks and World Cups 2018 and 2022 over the past week probably for anyone to set the odds. If it turns out any money did change hands we ought to say that we neither sanction nor condone it. On the World Cup - well we agree with St Arsene Wenger that it isn't a serious football competition, so what's the fuss? That said some human rights intervention will surely prevent the torture of dumb animals implied in a football tournament being held in Qatar? Unless climate change induces a sudden ice age in the middle east.

Anyway, if you come to this Blog at all it will be for news and gossip about your arts festival of choice. As promised we opened for entries on December 1st and before the day was out we had entry number 1. A bit leftfield and out of nowhere came a Saxophone Octet. Now this Blog has a history of sax-playing. Pretty poor playing it should be emphasised so you can imagine the delight on hearing that eight skilled musicians will be playing a mixture Baroque, jazz and contemporary arrangements. For one night only, Friday July 8th at the Methodist Church.

The Sovereign Saxophone Octet reigned alone for just 24 hours before being joined by the much-loved Little Pixie Productions team who are returning for the third part of a trilogy.
Lisbeth Salander this ain't but we can confidently predict that Granny's Big Top Tale will be one the of best, most-enjoyed shows in the Fringe. It will emphatically be For Families but anyone with a heart will love it. At the United Reform Church on Sunday July 17th and the Methodist Church on Saturday July 23rd.

All new entries will be up on the website within 24 hours of their arrival - so check out the site regularly.
Before we forget, our friends at Club Acoustic are having a Christmas/New Year get together at the Old Hall on 29 December, starting at 9pm. Featuring Capella the event will be candlelit. See for more information.

by Keith Savage - Published 05/12/2010

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