Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Gone but not forgotten

You know when you start something that it can't go on forever - and like life the Fringe is valued because you know you have to enjoy it while you can.

Fringe 30 was, without doubt, the best Fringe 30 ever. It might even have been the best Buxton Festival Fringe ever. There was plenty to treasure and remember.

I was lucky enough to be at Beltane and to hear Critical Mass with Gilad Atzmon. Cracking modernsih jazz that we hear too little of in Buxton. Emlyn Vaughan of Critical Mass says that when they can find time to rehearse some original material Gilad will record with them. Before that Gilad will be producing a new Robert Wyatt album. You heard it here first!

Very different - but precious all the same - were Bright Cecilia, a two-piece singing medieval sacred music in Poole's Cavern. Bright Cecilia are Americans who are studying at York. Their studies are to continue and they have promised to come back next year - perhaps as a trio. So watch out for them.

Old favourites - well not so old - included Matt Pritchard in his comedy/magic show Parannoyance. Even younger magic came from Michael and Siobhan Jordan a witty and daring brother and sister combination called High Jinx. They are beginning to find their own voice, so to speak, and their progress will be worth watching.

The Buxton Film weekend went pretty well. Regional TV coverage for the documentary Walking in Circles meant that it was over-subscribed. There is an early chance to see what you missed, however, because it will be shown again on Thursday, September 10th at the Shrewsbury Room, the Old Hotel. Tickets are going quickly - book

This Blog will be taking a short holiday - but will be back in September with early news of Buxton Festival Fringe, 2010. In the meantime if you want to leave a record of your favourite moments from this year's Fringe, then please do!

by Keith Savage - Published 29/07/2009

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