Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Squeaky B** Time

We don't usually do pin-ups but Richard Parry (Pirates in the Caribbean) has been going down a storm and we thought you might like this souvenir. Last show - 25th July 2.30-3.30 at United Reformed Church
I think Sir Alex Ferguson coined this graphic phrase (our very sensitive Blog provider won't allow some words, you'll be glad to know. B** is one such) to indicate that there was now no going back; whatever we decide and do now may be decisive and we'll have to live with the consequences. Given that he is a man of few words you can see why he went for the more concise image. Well it's now the sharp end of the Fringe - just seven more days and the last chance to catch some shows. Choose carefully, choose well and get out there - don't find yourself regretting what you may have missed. We tipped you off about What became of the red shoes? for example - it was great, but is now finished.

Anyway in no particular order some of the final week's highlights include:
Wednesday-Saturday - Bright Cecilia, Sacred Medieval Singing in Poole's Cavern (p13 in printed programme)
Thursday - Gilad Atzmon with Critical Mass at Beltane - world class contemporary jazz (p10 - this is £5 and not Free)
Monday (tonight's final show) - High Jinx - magic and circus in the Pauper's Pit (p28)
Saturday-Sunday - Art Fair in the Dome (p25)
Monday-Thursday - George Telfer as Sir John Gielgud (p20)
Friday-Saturday - The Cutting - compelling drama (p19)
Wednesday - Monkey Poet - award-winning contemporary poetry (p16)
Friday-Saturday - Sam Dunkley - engaging singer and story-teller (p13)
Thursday-Saturday - Operatastic - opera highlights (p12)
Wednesday - Accordes - early music (p9)
Tuesday-Friday - Spiltmilk - show-stopping dance troupe (p6)
Saturday - Parannoyance - magic and comedy from Johnny Facade (p4)
Saturday - Tom Levitt - history of comedy from High Peak's MP (p4)
Friday-Saturday - Family Victim - locally produced show, full of energy (p3)

You can see reviews of those shows that have opened already on the Fringe website - - but all of the above come recommended. Go through the programme diary now and make your plans!

Spirit of the Fringe - photo competiton
This competition is open to all young photographers - under 25. Entries need to be at the Fringe Desk - by the Opera House, in front of the Conservatory - by 5pm this Friday. £50 to the winner  - see the Stop Press section of the Fringe website - 

by Keith Savage - Published 20/07/2009

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