Thursday, 10 May 2012

Another Thrilling Installment of Keith Savage's Blog

This is what happens when you google Keith Savage. Also, you probably have some time on your hands. You might think that googling Keith Savage would suggest that you’re not exactly run off your feet at the moment, but making a collage of things that aren’t Keith Savage is taking things a little further. A little too far, you may say, but a fitting way to mark the first installment of Keith Savage’s Blog Not Written By Keith Savage.

Keith himself probably called it the Buxton Fringe blog, because he’s a humble sort of chap and that was what he used to write about. I’ll also be mentioning the Fringe from time to time, but I’ll probably be calling this Keith Savage’s Blog, and including more pictures that aren’t of him (although he did a lot of that himself to be fair – just look at that one that’s of fruit in the previous post, he’s nowhere to be seen).

But Keith’s Blog wasn’t just an endless parade of pomegranates, breaking some of the biggest news stories of January 2012 including the totally awesome news that the Olympic torch will be heading through Buxton just ahead of the Fringe. When I read that, I got excited in the hope that it would change public feeling towards the Olympics from something that’s going to cost a lot of money, into a way to feel superior to Bakewell. But it turns out that that torch is also going through Bakewell, so we can really only feel superior to Dove Holes, and we probably didn’t need to spend £9 billion quid on that.

As it has become customary on Keith Savage's Blog to mention the Fringe from time to time, I'll close with this exciting/startling/alarming fact - there’s a whopping 170 entries this year, and less than two months before Buxton gets a bit oranger. We better get a move on!


  1. I don't mind getting mentioned from time to time. At my age it is helpful to be reminded of my name - just in case the nurse asks.
    But what happened to the Orange?

  2. Oh, and I prefer the English Instalment to the US version here.. Pedantry I expect.