Monday, 7 May 2012

More juggling - Italian Style

The headline might look like a cryptic crossword clue - if you think you have the solution then please let us know.
I've been frantically going through my very dog-eared copy of the Fringe Programme trying to work out what I need to do over the next 5 days to see all the shows I want to before the end of Fringe 2010. There are some shows coming to the end of their run - but there many still to arrive in town.
One that intrigued me - when the entry was first received back in the spring - was La Favola dei Saltimbanchi. I was intrigued because I didn't understand the title but closer inspection provided a helpful translation, The Jugglers' Tale. We're talking about a company from Roma here. The other intriguing thing was the promise of juggling in Poole's Cavern. I imagined some excitement as dislodged stalactites became additional juggling clubs. However, the venue is in fact The Marquee at Poole's Cavern (though the roof isn't that much higher). Anyway my point is don't hang around waiting for the reviews and the gossip - they're here for just two days, 23/24 July. Looks like a cracking show for the family - clowning and juggling with a story to boot.
Also at The Marquee - though starting on July 22nd are old Fringe friends and favourites Black Box Theatre Co. They are premiering a new show in Buxton so we can't tell you much about it. The Inconsistent Whisper of Insanity - well the title tells you something but the programme says a bit more: "If at 15 you 'slept' to wake at 76, to what ends would you go to find out what happened in those 'lost years'?" I haven't got an answer to the question myself - only one way to find out. If you haven't seen Black Box before - well, they're terrific.

by Keith Savage - Published 20/07/2010

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