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Should auld acquaintance...

Goyt Valley, December 26th, 2010
Frankly there is nothing I can report with regard to Fringe developments - things have gone quiet. It has been suggested that this is evidence of a habit of winter rest - or hibernation - on the part of Fringe-type creatures. If so then I can only hope that these creatures have more luck than our frogs who froze to death in the pond only to drift eerily to the surface following a slight thaw.

It is anticipated that next week will see a bulge in Buxton Fringe activity, however, so do keep your eyes open.
We are in the very early days of planning for Fringe Sunday 2011. There are only three possible dates - all falling on a Sunday. This good fortune never ceases to amaze me. The Sunday we are going for is July 10th. The event will take place in the Pavilion Gardens and will focus on the Bandstand as usual. Last year's feedback ranged from "Great - best ever" to "a bit of a non-event"; clearly the only way you can be sure is to turn up and see for yourself. Already the Tideswell Male Voice Choir and the Bellydance Flames have said that they want to join the fun. Plans are afoot for spectacular decoration of the Bandstand. It will require help - if you have school-aged children you might well hear more about this before we do. Anyway - 2-4.30pm (or thereabouts) for Fringe Sunday.
We'll be back on 12th night for the latest in Fringe news.
We won't be making any extravagant resolution for 2011 - though as ever we'll try to be kinder and more thoughtful to those deserving of kindness. Not sure what we owe those who are thoughtless or hurtful. We do hope that all involved - at whatever level - with the Buxton Festival and its Fringe have fun, health and happiness in full measure throughout 2011.

by Keith Savage - Published 31/12/10

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