Thursday, 3 May 2012

Last Laughs from Leicestershire

We've heard a bit from Keith Large who is bringing Laughs from Leicestershire to the Fringe on Tuesday, July 13th. (Tickets from Buxton Opera House Box Office). Keith took some time to talk to us recently about his show. Additionally he'll be in town on 26 June helping save the Wild Carrot (look out for a bloke in stocks - that'll be him); then he'll be performing at Fringe Sunday on July 11th (2.30-4.00).

Keith, you've been to Buxton before. What do you like about it?
Buxton is a spa town with a difference. It has such a historical theatre connection that it is a natural place for us to want to visit. I also find the people in Buxton very friendly.

You're in the Fringe for just one night - is that because you cast members had other comitments?For the full show we wouldn’t have had the whole cast available for the extra dates but we hope to compensate for this by appearing with two actors on Fringe Sunday including one who’s credits include appearing in Coronation Street, Cold Feet and A Touch of Frost.

What some of humour can we expect from you at the Marquee?A comical observation of everyday life in Britain which develops a surreal twist, when a speaking Polar Bear appears on stage. Audience participation will also be encouraged as the cast are locked in stocks tickled with itchy jelly.

Who or what makes you laugh?Still the old favourites like Morecambe and Wise and Norman Wisdom. I saw Norman appear at Skegness Pier when I was only six and never tire of seeing his genius.

Anything in the show that might worry my maiden aunt?Aside from the occasional expletive, the biggest thing to fear is if the Polar Bear gets too hot.

What's great about Leicestershire?Great for writers. Leicester has it’s own writing school and plenty of writing groups including genre based ones like the dynamic Speculators which includes Jim Worrad who’s appeared in some of my previous plays. It’s also home to author Graham Joyce a writer who’s won The World Fantasy Award as many times as Stephen King. I’ve been lucky to have found so many writers there who’ve become friends and we all help and encourage each other, none more so than the area’s Literature Network Co-ordinator Damien G Walter who is another very successful Leicestershire writer.

by Keith Savage - Published by 29/05/2010

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