Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Still time

Much of the Visual Art that is part of Fringe 2010 has been open for viewing every day. There is a risk, therefore, that you think "See that tomorrow". Well there ain't many tomorrows left. One such event is the High Peak Artists' & Craft Workers' Association show. Read on:

Pottery inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, photography inspired by the poetry of William Blake and a painting inspired by the prose of Dylan Thomas. These are just a few of the items from an inspiring art & craft exhibition entitled ‘Visuals from Verse’ which combines artistic creations with famous (and not so famous) words from literature.
Over 30 artists & craftspeople were challenged to produce a piece of work inspired by poetry or prose and the results make this exhibition truly unique and one which shouldn’t be missed.
The exhibition features classical and contemporary works and items on display include: paintings, etchings, linocuts, photography, textiles, jewellery, calligraphy, embroidery, batik & silk paintings, ceramics & wood.
Among the artists taking part are Rob Wilson, Sandra Orme, Jill Kerr, Paul Tavernor, Kathy MacMillan, Pauline Townsend, Catriona Hall, Yvonne Oates, photographer Dave Butcher, potter Andy Phillips, textile artist Claire de Ruiter and many more.
This exhibition is a treat for art & literature lovers alike.
‘Visuals from Verse’ takes place upstairs in the Art CafĂ© at the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton and is open every day from July 7th – 31st.

If you haven't been to Buxton Museum yet there is the Derbyshire Open exhibition to see on the first floor. An excellent range of work inspired by life in Derbsyhire. On the ground floor John & Carole Dronsfield have a display of work resulting from a sojourn - no, an adventure - in New Zealand.

The excellent bookshop at Brierlow Bar - two miles south of town on the A515 (Ashbourne Road)  - has a photographic exhibition (plus thousands of books, many at discounted prices).

Transition Buxton is an increasingly influential movement in the town. Transition is politics with a small 'p' I guess but it seeks to get us to rethink how we live on this planet and conserve the resources available to us. The results of a recent photography competition can be seen at the Grove Hotel.

One of the undoubted 'hits' of Fringe 2010 was the launch of the Buxton Art Trail. Thirty four venues displayed the work of over 70 artists. You've missed the weekend when the whole art trail was open but some work can still be seen. Check the programme/website carefully for dates and times but you might still be able to see:
4 Artists at the Robin Hood - London Road (near the Esso station)
Suzanne Pearson's new exhibition 'Connections' at 54 Brown Edge Road
Earthworks - new ceramics by 5 Potters - at Midas on Clough Street
Martin Olsson, Mister Hope and Kelly Dyson at Apertures, 51 High Street
Louise Jannetta - behind the Chair Shop, 24 Dale Road
Adi Brown & Langley Brown's new show, Mirrorfragmentechno at 18 White Knowle Road.

Finally on the arts/crafts front - The Great Dome Art Fair takes place in the Dome, University of Derby (I probably ought to acknowledge at least once on this Blog that the University has been the main sponsor of the Fringe for a number of years now) this coming weekend. All these events are free! The best bargain in town.
by Keith Savage - Published 20/07/2010

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