Thursday, 3 May 2012

A right old carry on

                                                           Genevieve Cleghorn and carrot cake

Now to be honest we're not entirely sure what to make of this. Looks a bit like a throwback to the Benny Hill Show. On the other hand Keith Large, who is bringing his Laughs from Leicestershire to the Fringe this year, supports the Wild Carrot - Buxton's only organic food shop. Is this what commentators seem routinely to describe as 'nuanced' these days? We'll be asking Mr Large to explain his apparent exploitation of the female form. Meanwhile this show could well be brilliant and you'll kick yourself for missing out on it. Tickets available from Nice Venues and Buxton Opera House from June 1st. For a bit of background to the show, the cast and the history read on.
For one night only the production visits The Buxton Fringe at The Marquee, Poole’s Cavern on Tuesday 13th July. For ticket details visit
Though Keith and some of the crew will be in town before then, Keith who penned one of the comedy sensations of last year ‘The Carrot Nappers’ is on a mission to help local Buxton shop ‘The Wild Carrot’.

The Leicestershire playwright said: ‘When I came to Buxton and discovered what I call a proper shop, ‘The Wild Carrot’ selling good organic food, The Carrot Napper army had to get behind it and show our solidarity. In the build up to our performance in Buxton, we’ll be doing some promotional work with ‘The Wild Carrot’ which is based in the town’s Bridge Street.

‘Laughs from Leicestershire’ which consists of three of Keith’s new one act plays ‘Whine Fever’, ‘The Ticket Collector’ and ‘Prima Donna Island’ gives Keith the chance to work again with TV actress Genevieve Cleghorn.

Keith adds. ‘ I was over the moon when I learnt Genevieve had landed a presenter’s role on a new Sky Television channel, but knowing how much in demand she is, initially I never thought I could persuade her to come on board for The Fringe. Then I remembered her weakness and offered to make her a special carrot cake.’

Other well known names on Keith’s production include Stuart Horobin from Channel Four’s ‘Cast Off’s’ and Peter Kenny, the audio voice of several Iain Banks novels including his groundbreaking Wasp Factory and his most recent bookTransition.’

‘Look out also for some other bright young talent,’ says Keith. ‘After Buxton we take the laughs for a seven run at The Edinburgh Fringe and I’m confident the cast will make a name for themselves.’

by Keith Savage - 11/05/2010

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