Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crime in the Gardens

Those of you local to Buxton have probably been scouring the pages of the Advertiser looking for news of this Blogger's death. Disappointed to find no news no doubt you've tossed the paper into the re-cycling box. Well don't do that to this week's paper for it contains a 16-page bumper pull-out feature on your favourite Festival and its attendant Fringe. I'm glad not to be in the obituary pages of course. It's all been busy, busy, busy.
Part of the busyness has been in getting out and about promoting the Fringe. A week today and we'll be on Day 2 of Fringe 2011 already - Day 1 forever just a memory fading like a favoured old tee-shirt. But enough of this poetry.
Buxton is emphatically not the crime-capital of the universe but the pinching of posters from public railings was never going to make the headlines even here. However, apparently it is true. Honest people have been putting up clean and decent posters promoting local events only to find that the next day some scoundrel has removed them. You could call it tidiness; some prefer to brand it theft.
Anyway here we present photographic evidence - not of theft - but of lawful postering. Stephanie Billen - our glamorous and ever-youthful Chairperson -  has been out and about talking to people about the Fringe in general and Fringe Sunday (July 10th) in particular. Currently posters advertising Fringe Sunday are to be seen in the Pavilion Gardens. A very full programme for Fringe Sunday is promised - details to follow very soon. We can also promise a sensational new feature - the Bandstand will be decorated with its own Orange Fringe, the product of art workshops held with young people across the High Peak in recent weeks.

A couple of events open next Wednesday on Day 1 of the Fringe and don't hang around for long. So make sure you don't miss:
  • Music and the Muse at the Methodist Church from 6-8 July. Singer Susie Self joins cellist Michael Christie in an exploration of life in England at the time of George V 
  • Our Little Green Book of Children's Verse can be heard at the United Reformed Church from 6-13 July (and on Fringe Sunday too).

No doubt you've been keeping up-to-date with our trendier, younger friends on Buxton Fringe Facebook where there are links too many to mention to video and music clips from some of the many artists about to transform Buxton.

The Fringe Information Desk will be set-up in the entrance to the Conservatory adjacent to the Opera House next Monday, 4th July. See you there!

by Keith Savage - Published 30/06/2011

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